The South Carolina AHEC Resident Scholarship Symposium is held each year in conjunction with the South Carolina Academy of Family Physicians (SCAFP) annual meeting. The symposium provides Family Medicine residents from across the state the opportunity to showcase their quality improvement and research projects through scholarly presentations and poster sessions.

All session materials can be downloaded from the downloads section.

Friday, June 10

2:45 PM
Minerva Andre, DO
Increasing Screening for Diabetes and Rate of Enrollment into Diabetes Prevention Program at Family Medicine Center

3:00 PM
Ryan Riggs, MD and Adam Ridley, MD
Prevalence of Depressive Symptoms in College Athletes during the COVID-19 Pandemic

3:15 PM
Shannon Smith MPH, DO and Meghan Mace, DO
Increasing Omt Encounters by Incorporating 5-Minute Techniques into Everyday Practice

4:00 PM
Brandon Hanna , MD and Garrison Rice, DO
A Didactic and Simulation Curriculum for Sideline Coverage

4:15 PM
Virginia Gee, DO and Jenae Dykes, MD
Patient Preferred Approach to Weight Loss Counseling in a Family Medicine Resident Clinic

4:30 PM
Jessica Mercado-Ortiz, DO and Gloria "Storm" McWhorter, MD
Evaluation Of Vaginal Microbiome to Estimate Vaginal Health In Gynecology Patients Presenting with Vaginitis (Eve Study)

4:45 PM
Lina Fernandez, MD
Palliative Privacy

Saturday, June 11

9:00 AM
Ashley McNeal, MD
Healthy Moms = Healthy Babies

9:15 AM
Shannon Smith, MPH, DO
Improving Care with the Development of a Pediatric Handbook

9:30 AM
Elizabeth Kyzer, DO
Implementing a Screening Tool for Social Determinants of Health

9:45 AM
Nathan Gentry, DO and Cara McCurry, DO
Improving curriculum and workflow for patients on medication assisted treatment (MAT)

10:00 AM
Emily Young, MD and Shelli Dills, MD
Medication Management: Using Anticholinergic Burden Score to Reduce Morbidity and Mortality in Geriatric Patients

10:45 AM
Jessica Mercado-Ortiz, DO and Chinomnso Onyekaba, MD
The Larc Project: Best Practice Utilization to Increase Utilization of Birth Control in Young Female Patients

11:00 AM
Jessica Li-Eason, MD and Koby Caplan, MD
Vaccine Hesitancy in Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC) Employees

11:15 AM
Margaret O'Sell, MD
Patient Perspectives Regarding Medical Interpretation

11:30 AM
John Bullard MD
Increasing the Rate of Completed HCPOA/Advanced Directives for Medicare Patients in a Resident Clinic

Poster Board
Shannon Smith, DO
Antimicrobial Prescribing Patterns for Cystitis In Women with an Allergy to Guideline Recommended Antimicrobials